Dunfee School of Music strives for excellence and MASTERY at each level of music instruction, incorporating duets, chord charts, and ear training.

Our students have a distinct, polished sound which comes from a unique approach. Students master a level before being promoted to the next level. While new music is added each week, review songs are included in the students' practice repertoire for weeks after competency is achieved. The review songs become like "old friends", making practice more pleasant and balancing out the mental effort required to learn each week's new material. The result is beautiful, fluid playing that brings pleasure to both the listener and the performer. 

In addition to traditional classical piano, Dunfee School of Music also teaches music theory, music history, and improvisation with popular music. DSM's goal is to produce well-rounded musicians who can read, improvise, and play by ear. Students participate in recitals, Piano Guild, and other local music activities.

Carol has been teaching professionally since 1996. She studied with concert pianists Daisy DeLuca Jaffe and Daniel Nagy and holds a Master's degree in Music and a Bachelor's degree in Music Education.